Verdura 10 blockVerdura® 10
Lightweight (22lb) block available through our distributors. Rails on block are set back to allow for a butted up 3' radius. Applications include: edging, planter beds, and small retaining walls.

v30 blockVerdura® 30
Heavier (65lb) block available through our distributors. Standard designs accommodate walls up to 8' high using Posi-Dura® reinforcement where required. Walls up to 22' can be engineered.

Posi-Dura FabricPosi-Dura® Fabric
Nominal 7 inch wide strips of high strength geosynthetic soil reinforcement fabric having integrally woven pockets at regular intervals which can be used with the Posi-Dura® Pipe to construct a positive mechanical connection with Verdura® blocks.

Posi-Dura PipePosi-Dura® Pipe
Pre-cut lengths of 1-inch diameter schedule 80 pvc pipe used to connect the Verdura® blocks to the Posi-Dura® fabric soil reinforcement.